Epigram 6.253

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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 190


σπήλυγγες Νυμφῶν ἐυπίδακες, αἱ τόσον ὕδωρ
εἴβουσαι σκολιοῦ τοῦδε κατὰ πρεόνος,
Πανὸς τ᾽ ἠχήεσσα πιτυστέπτοιο καλιή,
τὴν ὑπὸ βησσαίης ποσσὶ λέλογχε πέτρης,

ἱερὰ τ᾽ ἀγρευταῖσι γερανδρύου ἀρκεύθοιο
πρέμνα, λιθηλογέες θ᾽ Ἑρμέω ἱδρύσιες,
αὐταί θ᾽ ἱλήκοιτε, καὶ εὐθήροιο δέχεσθε
Σωσάνδρου ταχινῆς σκῦλ᾽ ἐλαφοσσοΐης.

— Paton edition

Caves of the Nymphs with many springs, from which such abundance of water trickles down this winding slope; and thou, echoing shrine of Pan crowned with pine-leaves, the home that is his at the foot of the woodland rock ; ye stumps of the ancient juniper, holy to hunters, and thou, stone-heap raised in Hermes’ honour, be gracious unto us and accept the spoil of fortunate Sosander's swift chase of the deer.

— Paton edition




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