Epigram 6.238

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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 185


εὔφρων οὐ πεδίου πολυαύλακός εἰμ᾽ ὁ γεραιὸς
οὐδὲ πολυγλεύκου γειομόρος βότρυος:
ἀλλ᾽ ἀρότρῳ βραχύβωλον ἐπικνίζοντι χαράσσω
χέρσον, καὶ βαιοῦ πίδακα ῥαγὸς ἔχω.

εἴη δ᾽ ἐξ ὀλίγων ὀλίγη χάρις: εἰ δὲ διδοίης
πλείονα, καὶ πολλῶν, δαῖμον, ἀπαρξόμεθα,

— Paton edition

I, old Euphron, farm no many-furrowed plain or
vineyard rich in wine, but I plough a little shallow
soil just scraped by the share, and I get but the
juice that flows from a few grapes. From my little
my gift can be but little, but if, kind god, thou
givest me more, thou shalt have the first fruits of
my plenty likewise.

— Paton edition




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