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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 184


Γάλλος ὁ χαιτάεις, ὁ νεήτομος, ὡπὸ Τυμώλου
Λύδιος ὀρχηστὰς μάκρ᾽ ὀλολυζόμενος,

τᾷ παρὰ Σαγγαρίῳ τάδε Ματέρι τύμπαν᾽ ἀγαυᾷ
θήκατο, καὶ μάστιν τὰν πολυαστράγαλον,

ταῦτὰ τ᾽ ὀρειχάλκου λάλα κύμβαλα, καὶ μυρόεντα
βόστρυχον, ἐκ λύσσας ἄρτια παυσάμενος.

— Paton edition

The long-haired priest of Rhea, the newly gelded, the dancer from Lydian Tmolus whose shriek is heard afar, dedicates, now he rests from his frenzy, to the solemn Mother who dwells by the banks of Sangarius these tambourines, his scourge armed with bones, these noisy brazen cymbals and a scented lock of his hair.

— Paton edition




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