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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 144


Σκάπτειραν κήποιο φιλυδρήλοιο δίκελλαν,
καὶ δρεπάνην καυλῶν ἄγκυλον ἐκτομίδα,
τὴν τ᾽ ἐπινωτίδιον βροχετῶν ῥακόεσσαν ἀρωγόν,
καὶ τὰς ἀρρήκτους ἐμβάδας ὠμοβοεῖς,

τόν τε δι᾽ εὐτρήτοιο πέδου δύνοντα κατ᾽ ἰθὺ
ἀρτιφυοῦς κράμβης πάσσαλον ἐμβολέα,
καὶ σκάφος ἐξ ὀχετῶν πρασιὴν διψεῦσαν ἐγείρειν
αὐχμηροῖο θέρευς οὔ ποτε παυσάμενον,
σοὶ τῷ κηπουρῷ Ποτάμων ἀνέθηκε, Πρίηπε,

κτησάμενος ταύτης ὄλβον ἀπ᾽ ἐργασίης,

— Paton edition

To thee, Priapus the gardener, did Potamon, who gained wealth by this calling, dedicate the hoe that dug his thirsty garden, and his curved sickle for cutting vegetables, the ragged cloak that kept the rain off his back, his strong boots of untanned hide, the dibble for planting out young cabbages going straight into the easily pierced soil, and his mattock that never ceased during the dry summer to refresh the thirsty beds with draughts from the channels.

— Paton edition





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