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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 131


δισσῶν θηλυτέρων μοῦνός ποτε μέσσος ἐκείμην,
τῆς μὲν ἐφιμείρων, τῇ δὲ χαριζόμενος:
εἷλκε δέ μ᾽ ἡ φιλέουσα: πάλιν δ᾽ ἐγώ, οἷά τε τις φώρ,
χείλεϊ φειδομένῳ τὴν ἑτέρην ἐφίλουν,

ζῆλον ὑποκλέπτων τῆς γείτονος, ἧς τὸν ἔλεγχον
καὶ τὰς λυσιπόθους ἔτρεμον ἀγγελίας.
ὀχθήσας δ᾽ ἄρ᾽ ἔειπον Ἐμοὶ τάχα καὶ τὸ φιλεῖσθαι
ὡς τὸ φιλεῖν χαλεπόν, δισσὰ κολαζομένῳ.

— Paton edition

I once sat between two ladies, of one of whom I was fond, while to the other I did it as a favour. She who loved me drew me towards her but I, like a thief, kissed the other, with lips that seemed to grudge the kisses, thus deceiving the jealous fears of the first one, whose reproach, and the reports she might make to sever us, I dreaded. Sighing I said, " It seems that I suffer double pain, in that both loving and being loved are a torture to me."

— Paton edition




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