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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 120


χρύσεος ἀψαύστοιο διέτμαγεν ἅμμα κορείας
Ζεύς, διαδὺς Δανάας χαλκελάτους θαλάμους.
φαμὶ λέγειν τὸν μῦθον ἐγὼ τάδε:
χάλκεα νικᾷ

τείχεα καὶ δεσμοὺς χρυσὸς ὁ πανδαμάτωρ.

χρυσὸς ὅλους ῥυτῆρας, ὅλας κληῖδας ἐλέγχει,
χρυσὸς ἐπιγνάμπτει τὰς σοβαροβλεφάρους:
καὶ Δανάας ἐλύγωσεν ὅδε φρένα. μή τις ἐραστὴς
λισσέσθω Παφίαν, ἀργύριον παρέχων.

— Paton edition

Zeus, turned to gold, piercing the brazen chamber of Danae, cut the knot of intact virginity. I think the meaning of the story is this, "Gold, the subduer of all things,gets the better of brazen walls and fetters; gold loosens all reins and opens every lock, gold makes the ladies with scornful eyes bend the knee. It was gold that bent the will of Danae. No need for a lover to pray to Aphrodite, if he brings money to offer."

— Paton edition




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