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τὰν Κνιδίαν Κυθέρειαν ἰδών, ξένε, τοῦτό κεν εἴποις:

αὐτὰ καὶ θνατῶν ἄρχε καὶ ἀθανάτων.
τὰν δ᾽ ἐνὶ Κεκροπίδαις δορυθαρσέα Παλλάδα λεύσσων,
αὐδάσεις: ὄντως βουκόλος ἦν ὁ Πάρις.

— Paton edition






Les Belles Lettres, t. XIII, p. 275 : "Hermodore est nommé dans la Préface de la Couronne de Méléagre. Une seule autre pièce porte son nom (IX, 77) en concurrence avec Antipater de Thessalonique (Couronne de Philippe). Voir encore, Gow-Page, Hellenistic Epigrams, II, 306.

Du côté de Gow & Page (Hellenistic Epigrams, II, 306) : "The name is attached to an epideictic epigram preserved only by Planudes (A. Pl. 170), who ascribes to 'Ariston or Hermodorus' another which in A. P. (9.77) is assigned to Antipater of Thessalonica, a non-Meleagrian poet. Ascriptions due only to Planudes are suspect, but we include the first of these two mediocre pieces here on the chance that Hermodorus was its author. It should however be borne in mind that not all the poets mentioned in Meleager's preface are represented in the Anthology (see Meleager 3945 n.), and the fact that Meleager lists Hermodorus does not prove that Pl's ascription is correct."


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