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τόλμαν Ἀλεξάνδρου καὶ ὅλαν ἀπεμάξατο μορφὰν
Λύσιππος: τίν᾽ ὁδὶ χαλκὸς ἔχει δύναμιν;
αὐδασοῦντι δ᾽ ἔοικεν ὁ χάλκεος ἐς Δία λεύσσων:

γᾶν ὑπ᾽ ἐμοὶ τίθεμαι: Ζεῦ, σὺ δ᾽ Ὄλυμπον ἔχε

— Paton edition







Le manuscrit planudéen attribue cette épigramme à Archélaos ou à Asclépiade.

Les Belles Lettres, t. XIII, p. 126 : "Archélaos n'écrit pas d'épigrammes de ce genre : l'attribution est donc suspecte. Quant à Asclépiade, ses épigrammes accompagnent souvent celles de Posidippe. Serait-ce la raison de la seconde attribution après A. Pl. 119 de Posidippe ? Voir Gow-Page, Garland of Philip, II, 147."

Gow-Page, Hellenistic Epigrams, II, p. 146-147 : "No other epigrams in the Anthology are ascribed to Archelaus, and the only known Archelaus to whom epigrams are ascribed is a writer of the 3rd cent. b. c. from whom Antigonus of Carystus quotes tree and Varro a fourth. [...] The fragments do not prove that this Archelaus is not the author of this epigram, but they lend no coulour to the belief that he is so; the name however is common, other bearers of it may have written epigrams, and this solitary appearance in the Anthology is puzzling. [...] The juxtaposition of this epigram and one by or ascribed to Posidippus, and the fact that the two authors are juxtaposed and write on connected subjects elsewhere (see p. 116) might be held to favour Asclepiades. (...)"


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