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ἁ Κύπρις τὸν Ἔρωτα κατηφιόωντα προσηύδα:

τίπτε τοι, ὦ τέκος, ἄλγος ἐπέχραεν; ὃς δ᾽ ἀπάμειπτο:

Πιερίδες μοι μῆλα διήρπασαν ἄλλυδις ἄλλη,

αἰνύμεναι κόλποιο, τὰ δὴ φέρον ἐξ Ἑλικῶνος.

Κλειὼ μὲν μήλων πέμπτον λάβε: δωδέκατον δὲ

Εὐτέρπη: ἀτὰρ ὀγδοάτην λάχε δῖα Θάλεια:

Μελπομένη δ᾽ εἰκοστὸν ἀπαίνυτο: Τερψιχόρη δὲ

τέτρατον ἑβδομάτην δ᾽ Ἐρατὼ μετεκίαθε μοίρην

ἡ δὲ τριηκόντων με Πολύμνια νόσφισε μήλων,

Οὐρανίη δ᾽ ἑκατόν τε καὶ εἴκοσι: Καλλιόπη δὲ

βριθομένη μήλοισι τριηκοσίοισι βέβηκε.

σοὶ δ᾽ ἄρα κουφοτέρῃσιν ἐγὼ σὺν χερσὶν ἱκάνω,

πεντήκοντα φέρων τάδε λείψανα μῆλα θεάων.

— Paton edition

Cypris thus addressed Love, who was looking downcast: “How, my child, hath sorrow fallen on thee?” And he answered: “The Muses stole and divided among themselves, in different proportions, the apples I was bringing from Helicon, snatching them from my bosom. Clio got the fifth part, and Euterpe the twelfth, but divine Thalia the eighth. Melpomene carried off the twentieth part, and Terpsichore the fourth, and Erato the seventh ; Polyhymnia robbed me of thirty apples, and Urania of a hundred and twenty, and Cringe went off with a load of three hundred apples. So I come to thee with lighter hands, bringing these fifty apples that the goddess left me”
*Solution*: 3360 (672+280 +420 +168 + 840+ 480 +30+120+300+50).

— Paton edition






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