Epigram 12.66

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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 578


Κρίνατ᾽, Ἔρωτες, ὁ παῖς τίνος ἄξιος. εἰ μὲν ἀληθῶς
ἀθανάτων, ἐχέτω: Ζανὶ γὰρ οὐ μάχομαι.
εἰ δέ τι καὶ θνατοῖς ὑπολείπεται, εἴπατ᾽, Ἔρωτες,
Δωρόθεος τίνος ἦν, καὶ τίνι νῦν δέδοται.

ἐν φανερῷ φωνεῦσιν: ἐμὴ χάρις. —
ἀλλ᾽ ἀποχώρει.

μὴ % μετι πρὸς τὸ καλὸν καὶ σὺ μάταια φέρῃ.

— Paton edition

Judge, ye Loves, of whom the boy is worthy. If truly of the god, let him have him, for I do not contend with Zeus. But if there is something left for mortals too, say, Loves, whose was Dorotheus and to whom is he now given. Openly they call out that they are in my favour ; but he departs. I trust that thou, too, mayst not be attracted to beauty in vain.

— Paton edition




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