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Codex Palatinus 23. 577


εἰκόνα μὲν Παρίην ζωογλύφος ἄνυς1᾽ Ἔρωτος
Πραξιτέλης, Κύπριδος παῖδα τυπωσάμενος,
νῦν δ᾽ ὁ θεῶν κάλλιστος Ἔρως ἔμψυχον ἄγαλμα,
αὑτὸν ἀπεικονίσας, ἔπλασε Πραξιτέλην:

ὄφρ᾽ ὁ μὲν ἐν θνατοῖς, ὁ δ᾽ ἐν αἰθέρι φίλτρα βραβεύῃ,
γῆς θ᾽ ἅμα καὶ μακάρων σκηἸττροφορώσι Πόθοι,
ὀλβίστη Μερόπων ἱερὰ πόλις, ἃ θεόπαιδα
καινὸν Ἔρωτα νέων θρέψεν ὑφαγεμόνα.

— Paton edition

Praxiteles the sculptor wrought a statue of Love in Parian marble, fashioning the son of Cypris. But now Love, the fairest of the gods, making his own image, hath moulded Praxiteles, a living statue, so that the one amid mortals and the other in heaven may be the dispenser of love-charms, and a Love may wield the sceptre on earth as among the immortals. Most blessed the holy city of the Meropes, which nurtured a new Love, son of a god, to be the prince of the young men.

— Paton edition




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