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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 530


αἰάζει πήρη τε, καὶ Ἡράκλειον ἄριστον
βριθὺ Σινωπίτου Διογένευς ῥόπαλον,
καὶ τὸ χύδην ῥυπόεντι πίνῳ πεπαλαγμένον ἔσθος
διπλάδιον, κρυερῶν ἀντίπαλον νιφάδων,

ὅττι τεοῖς ὤμοισι μιαίνεται: ἦ γὰρ ὁ μέν που
οὐράνιος, σὺ δ᾽ ἔφυς οὑν σποδιῇσι κύων.
ἀλλὰ μέθες, μέθες ὅπλα τὰ μὴ σέθεν: ἄλλο λεόντων,
ἄλλο γενειητῶν ἔργον ὄρωρε τράγων.

— Paton edition

The wallet laments, and the fine sturdy Heracles club of Sinopian Diogenes and the double coat, foe of the cold clouds, befouled all over with encrusted dirt, lament likewise because they are polluted by thy shoulders. Verily I take Diogenes himself to be the dog of heaven, but thou art the dog that lies in the ashes. Put off, put off the arms that are not thine. The work of lions is one thing, and that of bearded goats another.

— Paton edition





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