Epigram 9.788

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Codex Palatinus 23, p.484


ὄλβιον ἀνθρώποισιν ἔχει φάος ἄμβροτος αἰὼν
σῇσιν ὑπ᾽ ἐννεσίῃς1᾽, εὐγενέτειρα Τύχη.
νεύματι γὰρ σῷ πάντα φέρει κλέος ᾧ ποτε χειρὶ
δεξιτερῇ παρέχῃς αὐχένα θεσπέσιον.

τούτῳ καὶ βασιλῆες ἀμύμονες ἁρμόζονται,
καὶ λογίων ἀγέλης ἄμβροτοι ἡγεμόνες:
καὶ νῆες λιμένεσσι σαώτερον ἀμπαύονται
σὴν δι᾽ ἀρηγοσύνην σῳζόμεναι πελάγει:
καὶ πόλιες χαίρουσιν ἀκύμονες, ἠδέ τε λαοί,

καὶ θαλερῶν πεδίων λείμακες ἀμβρόσιοι.
τοὔνεκα σὸν θεράποντα πρὸς ὄλβιον ἀθρήσασα

— Paton edition

Under thy rule, noble Fortune, the blest life of
men enjoys the light of prosperity. For at thy nod
all things bring glory to him whom thou permittest
to caress thy divine neck with his right hand. To
thy will illustrious kings bow, and the blest leaders
of the learned company. Ships, too, rest safer in
harbour, saved at sea by thy help, and cities enjoy
tranquility, and peoples, and the ambrosial meads
of the verdant plain. Therefore looking on thy
servant . .

— Paton edition




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