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Codex Palatinus 23, p.460


πέντε Διωνύσοιο θεραπνίδες αἵδε Σαώτεω
ἐντύνουσι θοᾶς ἔργα χοροστασίης:
ἁ μὲν ἀερτάζουσα δέμας βλοσυροῖο λέοντος,
ἁ δὲ Λυκαόνιον καλλίκερων ἔλαφον,

ἁ τριτάτα δ᾽ οἰωνὸν ἐΰπτερον, ἁ δὲ τετάρτα
τύμπανον, ἁ πέμπτα χαλκοβαρὲς κρόταλον
πᾶσαι φοιταλέαι τε παρηόριόν τε νόημα,
ἐκπλαγέες λύσσᾳ δαίμονος εὐιάδι.

— Paton edition

These five votaries of Dionysus the Saviour are
entering upon the rapid dance. One lifts on high the
body of a grim lion, another an antlered Arcadian
stag, a third a bird with lovely plumage, a fourth a
kettle-drum, and the fifth a heavy brazen clapper.
All are frenzied and distraught by the bacchic
fury of the god.¹

— Paton edition


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Paton Edition: 1 Possibly on the famous group of Thespian women by Praxiteles, which Mummius transferred to Rome.


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