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Codex Palatinus 23, p.454


Ξανθώ, κηρόπλαστε, μυρόχροε, μουσοπρόσωπε,
εὔλαλε, διπτερύγων καλὸν ἄγαλμα Πόθων,
ψῆλόν μοι χερσὶ δροσιναῖς μύρον:
ἐν μονοκλίνῳ

δεῖ με λιθοδμήτῳ δή ποτε πετριδίῳ

εὕδειν ἀθανάτως πουλὺν χρόνον
ᾆδε πάλιν μοι,
Ξανθάριον, ναί, ναί, τὸ γλυκὺ τοῦτο μέλος.
[οὐκ ἀίεις, ὤνθρωφ᾽, ὁ τοκογλύφος; ἐν μονοκλίνῳ
δεῖ σὲ βιοῦν αἰεί, δύσμορε, πετριδίῳ.] ^

— Paton edition

Xantho, modelled of wax, with scented skin, with
a face like a Muse's, sweet-voiced, fair darling of
the twin-winged Loves, play to me with thy scent-
bedewed hands. " I must lie and sleep for long,
dying not, on a single bed cut out of stone." Sing
it to me again, Xantho dear ; yea ! yea ! sing me
that sweet song. [Dost thou not hear it, man who
amassest interest of moneys ? On a single bed cut
out of stone thou shalt live for ever, unhappy wretch.]

— Paton edition



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