Epigram 9.377

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Codex Palatinus 23, p.421


Τάνταλος οὐδὲν ἔτρωγε: τινασσομένων γὰρ ὕπερθεν
καρπὸς ὑπὲρ κεφαλῆς αὐτὸν ἔφευγε φυτῶν,
καὶ διὰ: τοῦτο τροφῆς κεχρημένος ἧττον ἐδίψα:
εἰ δὲ καὶ ἔτρωγεν σῦκα πεπαινόμενα,

καὶ βραβύλους καὶ μῆλα, τί τηλίκον ἀνδράσι νεκροῖς
δίψος ἀπὸ χλωρῶν γίνεται ἀκροδρύων;
ἡμεῖς δ᾽ ἐσθίομεν κεκλημένοι ἁλμυρὰ πάντα,
χέννια, καὶ τυρούς, χηνὸς ἁλιστὰ λίπη,
ὄρνια καὶ μόσχεια: μίαν δ᾽ ἐπιπίνομεν αὐτοῖς.

πάσχομεν οὐκοῦν σεῦ, Τάνταλε, πικρότερα.

— Paton edition

Tantalus ate nothing, for the fruit of the trees
that tossed over his head ever eluded him, and owing
to this, being in want of food, he was less thirsty ;
but suppose he had eaten ripe figs, and plums, and
apples, do dead men get so very thirsty from eating
fresh fruit? But we guests eat all sorts of salted
dishes, quails and cheese and goose's fat, poultry and
veal, and on the top of all drink only one glass. So
we are worse off than you, Tantalus.

— Paton edition




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