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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 229


ἰξῷ καὶ καλάμοισιν ἀπ᾽ ἠέρος αὑτὸν ἔφερβεν
Εὔμηλος, λιτῶς, ἀλλ᾽ ἐν ἐλευθερίῃ.
οὔποτε δ᾽ ὀθνείην ἔκυσεν χέρα γαστρὸς ἕκητι:
τοῦτο τρυφὴν κείνῳ, τοῦτ᾽ ἔφερ᾽ εὐφροσύνην.

τρὶς δὲ τριηκοστὸν ζήσας ἔτος ἐνθάδ᾽ ἰαύει,
παισὶ λιπὼν ἰξὸν καὶ πτερὰ καὶ καλάμους.

— Paton edition

S'alimentava Eumelo dall'aria col vischio e le canne
— vitto frugale, nella libertà.
Mai baciò, per il ventre, la mano d'un altro: era questo
tutto il suo lusso, questa la sua gioia.
Visse tre volte trent'anni. Qui donne. Ai figli ha lasciato
il vischio, le retine, le cannucce.

— Pontani, Filippo Maria (1978-81) (ed.): Antologia Palatina, 4 vols., Torino.




ἰξῷ καὶ καλάμοισιν ἀπ ἠέρος αὑτὸν ἔφερβεν
Εὔμηλος , λιτῶς , ἀλλ ἐν ἐλευθερίῃ .
οὔποτε δ ὀθνείην ἔκυσεν χέρα γαστρὸς ἕκητι :
τοῦτο τρυφὴν κείνῳ , τοῦτ ἔφερ εὐφροσύνην .

τρὶς δὲ τριηκοστὸν ζήσας ἔτος ἐνθάδ ἰαύει ,
παισὶ λιπὼν ἰξὸν καὶ πτερὰ καὶ καλάμους .

By his bird - lime and canes Eumelus lived on the
creatures of the air , simply but in freedom . Never
did he kiss a strange hand for his belly ' s sake .
This his craft supplied him with luxury and
delight . Ninety years he lived , and now sleeps here ,
having left to his children his bird - lime , nets and
canes .

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