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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 154


σοὶ τὰ λιποστεφάνων διατίλματα μυρία φύλλων,
σοὶ τὰ νοοπλήκτου κλαστὰ κύπελλα μέθης,
βόστρυχα σοὶ τὰ μύροισι δεδευμένα, τῇδε κονίῃ
σκῦλα ποθοβλήτου κεῖται Ἀναξαγόρα,

σοὶ τάδε, Λαΐς, ἅπαντα: παρὰ προθύροις γὰρ ὁ δειλὸς
τοῖσδε σὺν ἀκρήβαις πολλάκι παννυχίσας,
οὐκ ἔπος, οὐ χαρίεσσαν ὑπόσχεσιν, οὐδὲ μελιχρῆς
ἐλπίδος ὑβριστὴν μῆθον ἐπεσπασατο:

φεῦ φεῦ, γυιοτακὴς δὲ λιπὼν τάδε σύμβολα κώμων,

μέμφεται ἀστρέπτου κάλλεϊ θηλυτέρης.

— Paton edition

Here in the dust lie dedicated to thee, Lais,
all these spoils of love-smitten Anaxagoras. To
thee he gives the leaves of his wreaths torn into a thousand pieces, to thee the shattered cups from which he quaffed the maddening -wine, to thee his locks dripping with scent. For at these doors, poor wretch, full oft he passed the night with the young men his companions, but could never draw from thee one word, one sweet promise, not even a word of scorn for honeyed hope. Alas!

— Paton edition




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