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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 196
Codex Palatinus 23 p. 196


αἱ Λυκομήδευς παῖδες, Ἀθηνὼ καὶ Μελίτεια
καὶ Φιντὼ Γληνὶς θ᾽, αἱ φιλοεργόταται,
ἔργων ἐκ δεκάτας ποτιθύμια, τόν τε πρόσεργον
ἄτρακτον, καὶ τὰν ἄτρια κριναμέναν

κερκίδα, τὰν ἱστῶν μολπάτιδα, καὶ τὰ τροχαῖα
πανία, † κερταστὰς τούσδε ποτιρρογέας,
καὶ † σπάθας εὐβριθεῖς πολυάργυρα: τὼς δὲ πενιχραὶ
ἐξ ὀλίγων ὀλίγην μοῖραν ἀπαρχόμεθα,
τῶν χέρας αἰέν, Ἀθάνα, ἐπιπλήσαις μὲν ὀπίσσω,

θείης δ᾽ εὐσιπύους ἐξ ὀλιγησιπύων.

— Paton edition

We, the industrious daughters of Lycomedes, Atheno, Melitea, Phinto, and Glenis, offer from the tithe of our work, as a gift to please thee, a little part of the little we have in our poverty, the laborious spindle, the weaving-comb that passes between the threads of the warp, sweet songster of the loom, our round spools, our . . . and our heavy weaving-blade. Fill our hands, Athene, ever after, and make us rich in meal instead of poor in meal.

— Paton edition



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