Epigram 6.114

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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 162


δέρμα καὶ ὀργυιαῖα κέρα βοὸς ἐκ βασιλῆος
Ἀμφιτρυωνιάδᾳ κείμεθ᾽ ἀνὰ πρόπυλον,
τεσσαρακαιδεκάδωρα, τὸν αὐχήεντα Φιλίππῳ
ἀντόμενον κατὰ γᾶς ἤλασε δεινὸς ἄκων,

βούβοτον Ὀρβηλοῖο παρὰ σφυρόν. ἆ πολύολβος
Ἠμαθίς, ἃ τοίῳ κραίνεται ἁγεμόνι.

— Paton edition

We hang in the porch, a gift of the king to
Heracles, the skin and mighty horns, fourteen palms long, of a wild bull, which when it confronted Philip, glorying in its strength, his terrible spear brought to ground, on the spurs of Orbelus, the land of wild cattle. Blest indeed is Macedon, which is ruled by such a chief.

— Paton edition



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