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Codex Palatinus 23 p. 560
Codex Palatinus 23 p. 561


Kεῖτο μὲν Ἀλκιμένης κεκακωμένος ἐκ πυρετοῖο,
καὶ περὶ λαυκανίην βραγχὰ λαρυγγιόων,
νυσσόμενός τε τὸ πλευρὸν ἅτε ξιφέεσσιν ἀμυχθέν,
καὶ θαμὰ δυσκελάδοις ἄσθμασι πνευστιόων
ἦλθε δὲ Καλλίγνωτος ὁ Κώιος, ὁ πλατυλέσχης,
τῆς παιωνιάδος πληθόμενος σοφίης,
πᾶσαν ἔχων πρόγνωσιν ἐν ἄλγεσιν, οὔ τι περιττὸν
ἄλλο προαγγέλλων ἢ τὸ γενησόμενον.
Ἀλκιμένους δ᾽ ἐδόκευεν ἀνάκλισιν, ἔκ τε προσώπου
φράζετο, καὶ παλάμης ψαῦεν ἐπισταμένως,
καὶ τὸ περὶ κρισίμων φαέων ἐλογίζετο γράμμα,
πάντ᾽ ἀναπεμπάζων οὐχ ἑκὰς Ἱπποκράτους.
καὶ τότε τὴν πρόγνωσιν ἐς Ἀλκιμένην ἀνεφώνει
σεμνοπροσωπήσας καὶ σοβαρευόμενος:
" Eἴ γε φάρυγξ βομβεῦσα, καὶ ἄγρια τύμματα πλευροῦ,
καὶ πυρετῷ λήξει πνεῦμα δασυνόμενον,
οὐκέτι τεθνήξει πλευρίτιδι: τοῦτο γὰρ ἡμῖν
σύμβολον ἐσσομένης ἐστὶν ἀπημοσύνης.
θάρσει τὸν νομικὸν δὲ κάλει, καὶ χρήματα σαυτοῦ ,
εὖ διαθείς, βιότου λῆγε μεριμνοτόκου,
καί με τὸν ἰητρόν, προρρήσιος εἵνεκεν ἐσθλῆς,
ἐν τριτάτᾐ μοίρᾐ κάλλιπε κληρονόμον."

— Paton edition

Alcimenes lay in bed sore sick of a fever and
giving vent to hoarse wheezings from his wind-pipe,
his side pricking him as if he had been pierced by
a sword, and his breath coming short in ill-sounding
gasps. Then came Callignotus of Cos, with his
never-ending jaw, full of the wisdom of the healing
art, whose prognosis of pains was complete, and he
never foretold anything but what came to pass.
He inspected Alcimenes’ position in bed and chew
conclusions from his face, and felt his pulse scien-
tifically. Then he reckoned up from the treatise
on critical days, calculating everything not without
his Hippocrates, and finally he gave utterance to
Alcimenes of his prognosis, making his face very
solemn and looking most serious : “ If your throat
stops roaring and the fierce attacks of pain in your
side cease, and your breathing is no longer made
thick by the fever, you will not die in that case of
pleurisy, for this is to us a sign of coming freedom
from pain. Cheer up, and summoning your lawyer,
dispose well of your property and depart from this
life, the mother of care, leaving to me, your doctor,
in return for my good prognostic, the third part of
your inheritance.”

— Paton edition





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