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Tῷ ψιμύθῳ μὲν ἀεὶ λιποσαρκέα τεῖνε παρειήν,
Λαοδίκη, λαοῖς ἔνδικα τινυμένη:
μή ποτε δ᾽ εὐρύνῃς σέο χείλεα: τίς γὰρ ὀδόντων
ὄρχατον ἐμπήξει φαρμακόεντι δόλῳ;
τὴν χάριν ἐξέρρευσας ὅσην ἔχες: οὐκ ἀπὸ πηγῆς
ἀγλαΐη μελέων ἕλκεται ἀενάου.
ὡς δὲ ῥόδον θαλέθεσκες ἐν εἴαρι: νῦν δ᾽ ἐμαράνθης.
γήραος αὐχμηρῷ καρφομένη θέρεϊ.

— Paton edition

Make your fleshless cheeks always smooth with
white lead, Laodice (just, indeed, is the penalty you
pay the people), but never open your lips wide, for
who by cosmetic fraud shall fix a row of teeth in it ?
You have, shed all the beauty you had ; loveliness of
limb cannot be drawn from a perennial fountain.
Like a rose you flourished in the spring ; now you are
withered, dried by the parching summer of old age.

— Paton edition






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