Anthologia Graeca

Antecedens: 5.42

Subsequens: 5.44

Anthologia Graeca 5.43, Rufinus Ῥουφῖνος

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Epigramma ad collectionem addictum ab editore Margot Université de Montréal

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Lingua: ελληνικά


ἐκβάλλει γυμνήν τις, ἐπὴν εὕρῃ ποτὲ μοιχόν,
ὡς μὴ μοιχεύσας, ὡς ἀπὸ Πυθαγόρου;
εἶτα, τέκνον, κλαίουσα κατατρίψεις τὸ πρόσωπον,
καὶ παραριγώσεις μαινομένου προθύροις;
ἔκμαξαι, μὴ κλαῖε, τέκνον χεὑρήσομεν ἄλλον,
τὸν μὴ καὶ τὸ βλέπειν εἰδότα καὶ τὸ δέρειν.

Lingua: English

Editio: Paton

Does any man turn his girl out of doors half-dressed, just because he finds a lover with her, — just as if he had never been guilty of adultery, as if he were a Pythagorean? And, so, my dear child, you will spoil your face with crying, will you, and shiver outside the maniac's door? Wipe your eyes and stop crying, my dear, and we'll find another who is not so good at seeing things and at beating.